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Sonik Synth 2 is the ultimate vintage synth and sound workstation, with more synth and workstation instrument sounds than any other comparable hardware or software product. Nearly 6,000 sounds make it largest collection of modern and vintage instruments ever assembled in one workstation.

A synth workstation on steroids

Sonik Synth is a complete songwriting, production and arrangement super tool. You'll find inspirational sounds and textures that can be used to compose and arrange complete songs, all within the convenience and simplicity of the Sonik Synth environment. Sonik Synth gives you the widest range of high quality vintage, modern and futuristic synth and instrument sounds ever combined into one package!

You'll get sampled flavors of every type of synthesis including analog, digital, FM, physical modeling, wavetable, granular, additive, resynthesis and more.

Sonik Synth includes a virtual museum of vintage keyboards covering the widest palette of synth flavors ever assembled into one product. Experience the fat analog sound of Arps, Moogs®, Obies, Jupiters, Gleeman, Voyetra®, Serge, EMS Synthi, Prophets, Trons, Rhodes®, Wurlies, B3s all in one mega plug-in and standalone app. And Sonik Synth is rock-solid in performance so you can use it live, or use multiple instances within your favorite sequencer with confidence.

Sonik Synth Features:

  • 16 part multitimbral sound module with layerable parts
  • 3 synth engines: STRETCH and Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch (PS/TS) plus traditional Resampling
  • Powerful Multi-Effects section that includes 5 insert effects per Part
  • 32 built-in DSP effects
  • Part and Master Loop Sync
  • Independent Part and Master Volume/Pan controls
  • Works as a standalone application as well as a host sequencer plug-in in Mac OS (Universal Binary), and Windows (XP/Vista)
  • Supported plug-in formats: VST, RTAS, and AU
  • Sounds can be read by SampleTank 2.5 and can be used to expand its world of sounds

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A composers delight
  reviewed by: Deepak Singh

I am very much a hobbyist, dabbling in abstract electronica and moody chilled music, usually with a soundtracky feel. For musicians like myself, the original Sonic Synth was perfect. However, as virtual instruments and hardware have progressed, it was time for an update, and what an update. Sonik Synth 2 beat all the high expectations I had. Unlike its predecessor, this one is truly an instrument for the musician who likes to be creative with sounds. SR have provided us a palette of sounds that we can use to craft our own sounds.

The strength of SS2 is definitely in the large library of vintage synths and waveforms. Just these are enough for me, but the addition of quality keyboards and ethnic sounds makes the instrument all the better. The Pianos and Organs are excellent, as expected, and the other instruments (which I use less) are also of a very high quality.

I recommend using SS2 with the full version of SampleTank2 if possible, although the SS2 interface is very intuitive and a little easier to navigate.

Sonik Synth 2
  reviewed by: Dale Rasmussen

This is my favorite IK/SR product. The sounds making up this set are simply amazing. It is like going to a music store, buying every vintage keyboard they have, and putting it into your hard drive, but it's even more than that.

The Synths are nicely organized into the categories including Motion Synths, Synth Pads, Synth Bass, Synth Leads, and Misc Synths. There is also a huge selection of "elements" which you can use to build your own custom sounds. There is a great collection of emulation samples in these categories; Keyboards, Guitar+Bass, Drums+Percussion, Brass+Winds, Orch Textures, and Vocal Textures. These sounds provide a solid base of "bread and butter" type sounds to use, in addition to the great synth sounds.

The GUI is patterned after a synth workstation, allowing you to assign sounds to any of 16 parts. These parts can be assigned to any MIDI channel, and you can also control the volume, pan, and output ports for each. This allows you to blend sounds together to create very complex sound blends. These can be saved as a "Combination", and stored for quick recall. You can also solo or mute each sound. Combinations are the real power of this product, because you can use them to make extremely complex sounds, by assigning more than one sound to the same MIDI channel and saving it. Using more than one MIDI channel can also allow you to use it to create your own custom ensembles. You can assign the Bass to channel 1, Drums to channel 2, and electric piano to channel three, and save this combination, as an example. It's extremely versatile.

Each part can also be assigned up to 5 effects. It comes with 32 different effects. When you highlight an effect, you get access to all the editing parameters right on the GUI, making editing very easy. You can also save your favorite custom effects patches. It's extremely handy to have all these controls right on the main interface, because you don't need to open and close effect windows. It's all right there in front of you.

Sonik Synth 2 can also be an amazing sound library expansion for Sampletank 2. Just load Sonik Synth 2's soundset to your Sampletank instrument folder, and all the Sonik Synth 2 sounds will be available. The two together make a powerful pair, and gives you a MASSIVE library under the control of Sampletank.

I absolutely love this product. I actually got it as a Christmas gift from my parents. It's the nicest gift I ever received. I highly recommend Sonik Synth 2!!!

5 Stars
  reviewed by: Robert Price

GUI - 8
Sound - 9
Features - 9
Docs - 8
Presets - 10
Support - 10
VFM - 10
Stability - 10

For me, SR have finally realised what they've promised for years now - a virtual vintage synth museum. The most appealing aspect of SS2 are the "elements". Partials which can be combined to create even more complex synth patches. This feature along with the 8 gigs of samples means that there are limitless options for sound design, coupled with the IK FX engine now featuring T-Racks compression, Amplitube amp modelling and Stretch synth engine.

Initially, I found SS2 daunting, using it purely as a preset machine as the quantity of sounds is quite intimidating. Though once familiarised, I've ventured into sound design, which is easily the most rewarding feature of the package. As stated, the package seems driven towards effectively documenting the history of synths - so most of the synth patches reflect this quality (informed by bands such as Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd etc). So there is quite a lot of room for the user to conform their own musical tastes within the patch design.

Elsewhere, the sounds largely build upon the "bread & butter" areas from previous IK/SR products. These are the other strong areas:

The pianos are impressive, offering both wide range (Grand Pianos, Upright, Tack, EP) and quality. The improved ST2 reverb allows greater performance realism too.

The guitars and basses take a big leap from SS1, due in part to Amplitube modelling, and now offer a wider range in styles and brands. Also, the lower octave now includes extra noises, such as fret noises, taps etc - which allow a greater level of authenticity.

The drums have now been augmented by a greater range of iMap drums, a vintage drum machine collection and GM kits. While again the quality and quantity is much improved from SS1, the ability not to have more control over individual drum elements is a let-down - though the forthcoming Studiophonik addresses this.

Brass/Wind - Stylised largely for pop/jazz work, this section offers the basics of what a contemporary production would need.

Strings/Orchestral - Solid foundation for a wide range of applications - mixed orchesta section especially impresses. Could be improved with keyswitching support, though this is largely seen in dedicated string libraries, not generic products like SS2.

Ethic - Really impressive section of exotic and rare instrumentation. Extra Programming has allowed certain patches specific peformance techniques, like the tremolo on the mandolin when played at max velocity.

Sonik Synth 2 is clearly an exceptional product that you shouldn't pass up.



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