Ultra Hip Hop Refill

Fill up your Reason 4 with new Ultra Sonic Refills!
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Product Information

Average Customer Review: 4.6 Stars  (based on 5 reviews)

Ultra Hip Hop Refill is part of the new Ultra Sonic 4 Refill Series from Sonic Reality. It is a bundle of 5 new refills plus a bonus Hip Hop Thor refill all together making it 6 brand new refills for one great price!

Designed specifically as a sonic toolkit for Hip Hop styles this refill bundle has a wide range of material to fill almost any musical need for modern Hip Hop and R&B music creation. From over five hundred unique new Thor modular synth patches to new powerful Combinators, NNXT multi-samples, ReDrum Kits, Rexes for Dr. Rex, construction kits and more we ve packed in over 5 gigabytes** of new material exclusively for use with Reason 4!


Construction kit loops for Dirty South, Modern Hip Hop Styles, Rap, Tech Rap and more! Playable instruments ideal for Hip Hop like basses, synths, keys, drum kits PLUS over 1,250 loops. Included refills:

SR Ultra Hip Hop Drum Kits

75 NNXT Drum Kits

52 Combinator Drum Kits

13 Redrum Kits

SR Ultra Hip Hop Instruments

Various Hip Hop Combinator Instruments: 173
Various Hip Hop NNXT Instruments: 128

SR Ultra Hip Hop NNXT Construction Kits

SR Ultra Hip Hop Rex Construction Kits

Total Rex in Construction Kits = 952

Dirty South 1 = 500
Dirty South 2 = 129
ModernTechRap = 103
Rap Vol 1 = 220

SR Ultra Hip Hop Rexfill

Total Rex in Hip Hop RexFill = 1267

Basses = 118
Beats = 229
Instruments = 152
Perc = 47
Piano = 24
Scratches = 52
Strings = 42
Syn = 251
Vox = 352

SR Ultra Hip Hop Thorfill

Total Hip Hop Thor Patches = 564 (note: these are different Thor patches than the Ultra Electronic Refill)

+ Note that these refills only work in Reason 4 and above. They will not work in previous versions of Reason or in other samplers. ** Original pre-packed size before packed as a refill and zipped.

* Note: Some mp3 demos are of the full product that this refill comes from.


Worth it!!!
  reviewed by: Sedric Pieretti

Ultra Hip Hop is worth every penny! Undeniably punchy drum kits, all around inspiring sounds... Good job guys!

eh. its aight
  reviewed by: stephen russell

the previous reviewers exaggerate, whether this product is hot or not depends on the producer using it. there are alot of presets, but strait out the box they are all BORING! the thor refill is sick, but mainly because thor is sick not the sounds. being that it is a reason refill you have ample opputunity to manipulate these sounds and trust me this is essential. bottom line - if ur looking for presets - move on. experienced reason users/producers will get more from the product

  reviewed by: Roman Lopez

This product is for the lack of a better term "off the chain"! Totally usable and worth the money spent! If you have Reason 4, do Hip-Hop/Rap, this MUST be in your collection. Now!

  reviewed by: andre smith

This is such a hot product, right out the gate nothing but inspiration this refill is a must have for all reason 4 users can t wait to see what s next in the ultra series

improve your game
  reviewed by: william Mcknight

I have over 15,000 samples ranging from drums to vocals I own almost every SR refill you can get your hands on and I have been to every sound download site you can think of. But, until I got this refill I was lacking something the synths in this refill will spark your creativity and the drum kits are on point so if you want to step up with your beats I suggest you purchase and download this refill you want regret it you just might make your next hit as soon as it finishes downloading.


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